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Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Derek B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/18/2015 00:52:33

This is a very cool concept. Take 10 iconic villains/monsters from horror movies, and stat them up. The best part is it's not just newer villains like the aliens of Mars Attacks, but also the giant space plant from Little Shop of Horrors. There was even a monster I didn't recognize, and had to look up the original write-up. I was pretty impressed that the monsters from Pitch Black made it in. Never expected that.

The pdf is 26 pages in length with 20 pages of content, including an appendix with the movies of inspiration.

The monsters range anywhere from CR 3 to 11, and all of them are pretty diverse in their abilities. They also are done up in a way that they're not 100% the same as their original counterpart. Admittedly, I wasn't expecting that. Take for instance the Nightmare Stalker, which is based off of Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger. Instead of claws, he has a barber's razor. Each monster comes with original coloured art, and a two-page spread worth of content.

While, overall, this is very original and it's cool to see these all converted to Pathfinder, there's a lot of things lacking, and it's my reason for the lower score. Firstly, the CR is inaccurate. As per the monster creation rules from the Pathfinder bestiaries, there's a very specific formula that each monster must use in order to be properly balanced. It has to have a specific number of hit points, a particular AC, and it must be able to deal X damage each round to a PC. If it can't, then its CR is a lie, and a party will either get wiped out in milliseconds, or the encounter will be a cake walk. There's also a few editing errors, such as the Unstoppable Maniac having a machete as his primary melee weapon, martial proficiency with it, but has Weapon Focus (longsword) as a feat. The Jungle Predator has +5 armor, but is only wearing a chain shirt. Where's the extra +1 come from? Then there's the Shark Tornado which is a medium animal swarm, yet it's got a 30 foot space. The main issues is the swarm subtype specifically says that it has to be fine, diminutive, or tiny. Even the Swarm Creature Template explains this. The damage is also relative, and shouldn't be 5d6 as the HD is not high enough. It's a nitpick, but it's one of those things that really stand out.

There's talk of a sequel to this with other movie monsters, and while I'd like to see it, I'd want to this book have an errata with builds closer to their CR, the editing looked over for skill ranks equaling correctly (if there's a discretion, just add Racial Modifiers to it) and the feats being labeled correctly. That way when the sequel book comes out, it'll be that much better a product. Theoretically.

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Monster Movie Matinee
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