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Dark Nova Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Dark Nova Games
por christopher h. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 05/15/15 07:35:33

The game of Dark Nova is can we say' kind of old school in a good way, their is not going to be any ground breaking mechanizmo confusion it;s straight kind of late 80's early 90's kind of system. I would have write this game if I sat down and could stair at a screen for 1100 hrs, I can't so I bought Dark Nova.

first part the setting it's filling and taste great, no really it's not no where near realistic or even hard science, it is fun and very playable, its like Titen AE buffy went on a date, had some premarital sex and had a unwanted child that was an rpg. ok maybe that not a good metaphor. the point is this game drives well right out of the box the Mechanics are not hard if you played rpgs for a while your like" o.k. that works and set and down and play it." if you want thier are Novels to read and a second book to help expand the game. the setting is very 2015 to 2318 in a general history kind of way.

the mechanics , lets see lift the hood and you got a V 8 with some turbo and a some nice features like AC and digital read outs. it set nice and its gets you from A to B ok so the attack rolls are d20 with acceding scoreing and armor points to deplete- the skills are heady and long there are levels and perks and flaws too, and a good amount of occupations. your skills are rated 1-30 and you roll under them with 3d10, <I will use a d30> weapons do a lot of damage, and you got robots and suits and power suits and Mecha and space ships and fighters and bad aliens at lease four of them, and you got some really nice races and a good section of what its like to live in the 24th century. look this is not Traveller or star wars or Mech Warrior or shadow run it is it's own game. it is just an every mans sci fi rpg. this is what I would have played when I was a young man, and you know I find my self giddy with the possibilities - I think if you liked the d20 stuff and you did not like modern d20 you well like this more. I think if you where looking for a game that is stable and fun - it's this simple and yet it's got some crunch that makes you want to play with all the knobs and dials!" Check out the quick start, print it up and play with some friend, and then come back and buy it to finish out that kind of game that runs right out of the box. yours truly Christopher L House

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Dark Nova Roleplaying Game
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