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BareBones Fantasy Role Playing Game $9.99
Publisher: DwD Studios
by Jeff C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/24/2015 04:12:41

I'm very happy with the pdf version of this game and am also anxiously awaiting my printed copy. There have been many other reviews of this game that cover the basics, so I won't repeat it all again here. This is my first real "Lite" fantasy rpg. I've played hundreds of the other kind. I was introduced to DwD by my interest in Covert Ops. I noticed it was basically the same system and said, "Wow. It's like old RoleMaster without all the serious complications." It also reminds me of the old Warhammer FRP that my friends and I played for months on end back in high school.

I admire what DwD is doing with this game. Compared to most, it is extremely open to new ideas and very expandable. Right now, I think the one thing this game needs more than anything is a monster manual, beastiary, creature compendium, or whatever you want to call it. More monsters, darnit! I would also like to see some different spinoff settings and campaigns. A Barebones rendition of Oriental Adventures would be outstanding.

The other thing I love about this game is the incredible amount of support this game has from the company in one form or another. The authors regularly contribute to the forums. The gaming license for this is very open and inviting and I think it is unbelievably cool that the authors are asking for such a high level of contributions.

Keep up the good work!

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BareBones Fantasy Role Playing Game
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