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CC1 Creature Compendium Pay What You Want
Publisher: New Big Dragon Games Unlimited
by James M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/19/2015 20:18:13

Every page of the Creature Compendium is filled with pure awesome. And at less than a penny per fully-illustrated creature, New Big Dragon's Creature Compendium delivers value like no other product on the market today.

Whatever your flavor of Old School, the new Creature Compendium supports it, with bells and fireballs on...

Whatever your campaign style, you will find a plenitude of creatures in this volume to populate your campaign. Or you might even be inspired to create a whole new campaign setting based merely on the monsters found in this volume.

The art is gorgeous Old School style black and white line art, and would fit in nicely along with the works of Sutherland, Dee, Otus, Roslof, and Willingham. With the layout style, I felt like I was reading a supplement for the old Moldvay/Cook edition published by TSR in their heyday.

The only way this product could have been better is if it had even more creatures! But now, that would be greedy, wouldn't it? As it is, this is among the best ways you will ever spend $2 for a game product... it would be a deal even at the full retail of $5.95.

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CC1 Creature Compendium
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