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Publisher: Mongoose
by James B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/03/2015 12:37:20

Although it contains a decent overview and maps of the handful of worlds that make up the subsector, and with great technical and background attention to one particular system, The Borderland is merely filler from pp 25-37, over 25% of the book. Page upon page of descriptive but frustratingly generic information about types of worlds, roles of various ships and organization and type of military units, sometimes having no place in the setting presented, serve only to repeat information presented elsewhere (cf. Core Rules, Mercenary, High Guard). The background detail and NPCs presented in some of the author's other works (ex. Fiddler's Green) are absent-in fact, not a single individual personage (such as a pirate, Imperial noble, local planetary leader or infamous free trader) is named in the entire text. While one might argue that that level of detail is up to the individual referee, a little extra creativity about local color would have definitely made this a more attractive product.

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The Borderland
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