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Collectanea Creaturae: Psyche Lasher Pay What You Want
Publisher: Ebon Gryphon Games
by Eric F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/29/2015 13:34:48

Well we've got a really nasty piece of work right over here. The Psyche Lasher is a perfect little piece of monster that can easily be added in as part of a campaign of really any type but for me this is going in as part of a science fantasy campaign. This monster comes in multiple formats and has a wide variety of uses for me across the board. The fact that it kinda, sorta resembles a certain iconic monster from the world's most popular fantasy game is icing on the cake. I'm so glad to find this little beauty. The descriptions are for a number of editions and can easily be adapted into a multiplicity of campaigns. The monster gets a full fleshing out but its not done in an over blown style. This is simply meat and potatoes with everything from the basic ecology to methods with a helping of variations on the whole entry of the monster. So what you've essentially got here is a creature that is free to use, adapt, and warp into your campaigns for a wide variety of editions. What more could you ask from a free product. All in all not bad for a free download. I will be using this and enjoyed the hell out of it. My players are going to be psyche lasher bait however. Cheers and I look forward to more from Ebon Gryphon Games

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Collectanea Creaturae: Psyche Lasher
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