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Cave of the Cybersteed
Publisher: Angelic Doctor Games
by Matthew A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/22/2015 13:23:47

Cave of the Cybersteed is a module intended for use in a Mutant Future role playing game campaign but is also suitable for campaigns in similar post-apocalyptic or science fantasy RPGs. The action takes place on the generation ship 'Starship Daelagorgon' after the ship is invaded by hostile aliens. The player characters are mutated horses living peacefully in the village of Ek-Wyne, unaware that their pastoral world is enclosed in the colony ship's Habitat Level 3. When the village is attacked by a gang of lupusoid marauders at the behest of the alien antagonists the player characters are forced out of their idyllic existence, discovering the real nature of what has always been past the sea’s horizon at the village shores…

Cave of the Cybersteed recalls early science fantasy RPG material such as the first edition Gamma World modules and Metamorphosis Alpha. Mutant Lords and players alike will find this an engaging adventure from which to build further campaign sessions aboard the Starship Daelagorgon and perhaps even beyond.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Cave of the Cybersteed
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