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Conspiracy X 2.0
Publisher: Eden Studios
by David L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/17/2015 04:47:47

A great campaign setting ruined by a terrible rule system.

The good: There is not many conspiracy games to choose from, but even if there were Conspiracy X stands out. In particular it is a lot more focused and has a more cohesive world then most conspiracy fiction. One thing that I did like about the rules were the pulling string qualities that allowed the players to call on the power of the big bad federal government. In most roleplaying games the players have no outside resources and the DM is encouraged to prevent all attempts for players to try and use such resources even if it makes no sense for the players to be lonewolfing it. Nice to see a game that allows and provides rules for the players to actually act like government operatives.

The bad: good god is Unisystem awful. I think the central premise of the rule system is: "Why resolve an action in one roll when you can resolve it in 5 rolls. Why have hit points when you can have Life points, Endurance points and Essence points." You will spend more time rolling dice and keeping track of your 3 different kinds of hit points then you will roleplaying. Also the skill system is badly handled (like the fact that driving a truck is a different skill then driving a car).

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Conspiracy X 2.0
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