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Publisher: Mongoose
by Paxton K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2015 19:18:25

Once again Mongoose more than delivers. Normally reviews begin with the Pros. Legend is best covered with the Cons first.

Cons: Clunky. It could stand some streamlining and the system tends to use unconventional rules when a more standard method would have worked. This tends to make the game a little hard to relate to. It kinda reminds me of some of the problems with Basic and Advanced D&D. I know that has been a revival of old style games and you are looking for that Legends "quirkiness" will be no problem. OK that really covers everything negative that I have to say and honestly these problems are easy enough to rework.

Pros: Legend feels more like a frame work than "rules" for a setting. It is very hard for RPGs that are not intended to represent some "elements" of a setting. If Gnoll is on the language list for Elves and not Dwarves, a statement has been made about the relationship of the three races. This tendency is very light in Legend and the few rules that "imply" a Legend world are easily changed. As a matter of fact, Legend seems to have been written with the understanding that they will be modified and this modification is simple to do. Legend really is more than just "classless". It also is very customizable without suffering the problems that "generic" rules can cause.

The next major Pro is it is Open Game License and it is even encourage to make suppliments and settings that the creator can sell! This point is a real consideration. I ran a campaign for 3 years and all of the players and myself had 100s of pages of material that simply could not be published, let alone sold. This should seriously be considered for players who like long term campaigns.

I have been looking for something to replace Mongoose's version of Conan. Trust me, I love Mongoose's version; but, again, Conan is copyrighted and I wanted Conan without the copyright. I have bought just about every game on this sight that tried to do their own version and they just seemed silly compared to Mongoose's work. What I was really looking for was any game that kept magic to an "oddity" like Howard treated it. I put off legend thinking that magic was very interwoven into its frame work. Legend contains several systems for magic. Any or all can be used or not used at all without changing the game balance. Almost every other game that claimed to be "like" Howard still required a good bit to keep the game balanced. Also most of them had their equipment a little more standard fantasy, not the more Classical Age". Legend rides the border and it customizable to easily back up or move ahead tech wise.

I am not going to say the cliché that for less than a dollar, you can't go wrong. But for the price, Legend is something that any gamer should add to their collection. It is worth so much more. Knowing what I know now, I would have gladly paid just about any price for it.

In conclusion, it is not perfect; but this is more a strength than a weakness because it can be used to create "your world" or modified to play in your favorite setting.

I think this may be the most under rated game on the market. It delivers what a lot of games promise; but don't really deliver on.

It's a dollar. Buy it. I think it will spark something in you to create and that is what RPGs are suppose to be all about.

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