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Heavy Gear Blitz! Tabletop Wargaming - Living Rulebook
Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Stefano V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2015 05:30:46

If really find that the product was extremely well made and excellently rendered and prepared (with all the due inevitable problems arising from heavily detailed colour splash-pages and comic-styled illustration).

From the "Tabletop Miniature Wargame" point of view I feel it condensated very well all the various nuances of the Combat System; especially for the use of customized troops and vehicles (I found very useful the many details about Earth-based Armed Forces, as the older products of the line that I owned were seriously lacking about Hover-Tanks and G.R.E.L. Clone-Troopers).

Even more excellent were the various Background parts about the various factions; the ones native of the "Terranova Homeworld" were very well written, with a rich and detailed history; the Timeline Flowchart was concise, yet rich of details and allowed the pinpointing of "Focal Events" in the Gameworld, to recreate pivotal moments of the History as "Epic Battles".

Exceeding even this the "Black Talon" section was interesting, cleverly written in a almost-novelization manner and full of interesting tidbits about the "Liberati Freedom Fighters" that compounded the short, yet fulfilling, section of the "Caprice Homeworld".

Although short and concise, the sections about Earth and the other Colonies and their detailed (or hypothethical) whereabouts were anyway very interesting and detailing what were only lesser footnotes of the Gameworld Background in the older material that I collected in 20 years of following the Dream-Pod9 line of products.

As "Icing on the Cake" the two Polar-View Maps of the "Terranova Homeworld" and the "Equatorial Map" were extremely useful, well made, rendered in a precise manner and also very Print-Friendly even in large formats.

I think that this is a well-rounded product on-spot with the HIGHEST expectations of the best standards of quality offered both by DrivethruRPG and Dream-Pod9 in ALL of his possible edges.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Heavy Gear Blitz! Tabletop Wargaming - Living Rulebook
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