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Firefly: Things Don't Go Smooth
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Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Walter H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/21/2015 17:06:58

This book is a great addition for the GMs, not so much for the players. The Players should check out Smugglers Guide to the Rim. As a GM, it contains a lot of helpful hints to challenging the players, introducing enemies as well as NPCs.

This book contains a few very interesting antagonists for the party and can introduce a mite heapin' of trouble. The advice on how to "run a crime organization" is awesome and sure to please the GM (and their players). It shows how to make some characters that your PCs are sure to love to hate. Some additional Signature Assets and Encounters are given to help you on your way.

The Rival Crews and Gangs section gives you a good bit of information on creating a crew to be your crews rivals. This helps make your players feel like they are not alone, and gives them someone to compete against. The crews that MWP details are pretty fun, and humorous. I specially love da McCoys.

Enemy Boats gives you plenty of competition and ideas for your own. It gives a number of new Ship Distinctions, Signature Assets and how to create your own, as well as triggers.

I haven't been able to run through the two adventures yet, but they really help clarify the material in the book from my reading them.

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Firefly: Things Don't Go Smooth
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