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Nobilis: Antithesis, Minibook 1i $29.99 $13.95
Publisher: Eos Press
by Daniel D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/18/2015 02:14:56

When I'm busy working on a campaign, I tend to buy supplements in vain hope for additional inspiration. I did not expect to actually find so much good material in a single book. The book could have been a quarter of the size and still been useful to me, but Jenna keeps layering more and more inspiration, more ideas, into this book until, by the time I was finished, I wanted to run Chibi-Ex: the game (and realized, in fact, that Chibi-Ex was about nothing but Deceivers).

I hesitated to buy this because I wasn't sure if I would want the soft-cover + PDF, or just the PDF. I chose for just the PDF. This was a mistake. If you like Nobilis, buy this book. Period.

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Nobilis: Antithesis, Minibook 1i
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