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Publisher: Jason Richards Publishing
by Erik A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/09/2015 12:30:00

Mini Six has been my go-to system for years now. It's great for one-offs, introducing newbies to the hobby, and just generally getting into a game with very little prep or work needed. I am very big on story, character, and cinematic fun, and Mini Six fits the bill for all of those things.

Jason Richards has done an awesome job of working the Breachworld setting into the Mini Six rules. I can see a few tweaks here and there (stun damage, for example), but all appear to be well thought out and essential changes. I imagine he weighed his options carefully before doing so and I am grateful to his efforts to mesh his ideas with the existing ruleset rather than just running rampant over it. The end result is very elegant. I would definitely use his mods in any new settings I used Mini Six for in the future.

The setting itself is fun. I have been intrigued by this kind of kitchen sink, post-apoc setting before but just never really got into any particular presentation. Breachworld, in contrast, is exactly the kind of game I've been looking for.

One of the great things with the kickstarter was being able to get bits and pieces as development went along. There was the original preview and a couple Betas along the way. I started a couple of games with those initial glimpses and have adjusted as new details were revealed. It plays smoothly and is just as fun in practice as it appears in print. I waited to write this review, however, until I had the physical hardcopies in hand and was able to read through them.

There are a lot of intriguing things coming down the pike for this setting, and I look forward to seeing what else Jason Richards will do with it. Based on how he has been in the Google+ community he created, he seems very committed to the setting. He's also a really nice guy and is quick to answer questions or respond to input.

Overall, I highly recommend this book. It looks, reads, and runs like a professional product. Always remember Rule #1: have fun :)

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Breachworld RPG
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