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City Supplement 1: Dweredell $6.49 $2.00
Publisher: Dream Machine Productions
by Singh K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/07/2015 13:49:55

Dweredell is another of this publisher's bare-bones 'city' offerings, however, it's priced fairly at $2.00 for what you are (and are not) getting. On the positive side, you're getting a beautiful map of a city, it's original and interesting in it's layout. Kudos for that. On the negative side, the publisher doesn't even bother to give most of the streets a name, there's only one map and that map has the encounters clearly marked on it, so you can't show it to your players. If you buy this looking for a fantasy city that you can actually use in your game, this is going to disappoint you (as it did me). However, if you get this as a short adventure module to run your players through, expecting to exit and move on after a session, this will do just fine.

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City Supplement 1: Dweredell
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