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City Supplement 3: Anyoc $18.00 $7.99
Publisher: Dream Machine Productions
by Singh K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/07/2015 13:42:14

This book is billed as a city, and if you consider a brightly colored map that doesn't even bother to delineate buildings, and leaves 3/4s of the streets unnamed, to be a 'city', then this module is for you! I hate to give anyone a 1-star rating because every product here takes work, but in this module, they did as little work as they could. There are some points of interest that are described, but the great mapping triumph of this product lies in the floorplan of a gatehouse. Had they put that much work into the rest of the city, this would have been a great product. Had it been priced at the $1 point, the value here might have risen to a 4, but at $7.99, it's simply a rip off. There's simply not enough actual material in this product to justify it's cost.

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City Supplement 3: Anyoc
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