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The Box of Dead Badgers $1.00
Publisher: Zero Point Information
by Rafe B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2015 13:43:09

If your players are constantly demanding BADGERS BADGERS BADGERS , this is the product for you. Forget trying to throw mushrooms in their way (that'll only distract them for a second before they're back to demanding more BADGERS BADGERS BADGERS), and the less said about that disastrous time I had a snake cross their path the better!

On a more serious note (or at least as serious as you can get on a review about a random box of dead badgers generator), this gave me a good chuckle, and the thought of throwing a crate or two of dead badgers (with some interesting twists) into different campaigns with the same players over time as a running meta joke rases a mischievous smile. What more could you ask for $1?

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The Box of Dead Badgers
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