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Ponyfinder - Flights of Honor, Pegasi of Everglow $1.98
Publisher: Silver Games LLC
by Christoffer C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/25/2015 20:15:53

A great way to get a taste of Ponyfinder before deciding to get the main book or not. Or as a companion piece to the upcoming Griffons of Everglow book given how close they are in the lore.

Speaking of the lore, David Silver's writhing is as always a great mix of light hearted fun and a deep fascinating history and lore that takes itself seriously with being too serious.

For all ages too, if you are okay with the words "teat" and "damn" being used at one point each in good context. What? Some people can be stingy with such things.

Like me and spacing issues, so could you please try to keep everything on its assigned page. Or atlest not split it mid paragraf. Makes it easier to read, especially if one is going to print it out and bring it places. Oh, and a minor nitpick is that on page 7 the word Flutterpony is not... Whats it called... Fat. A bigger nitpick is that the name suggestions are a bit to close to MLP:FiM from my comfort.

Unfortunately I cannot say anything the mechanics because I have yet to play it with anyone. Will come back after I found some DM's to discuss it with.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for the great review! We\'ll work to improve on the next book and see if we can\'t get a five next time. Enjoy the book.

If you\'re looking for players, try posting at your local gaming store, there are likely players lurking nearby. Other resources you can use are to play online and for finding more in person people to play with.
Ponyfinder - Flights of Honor, Pegasi of Everglow
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