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Pandemonio Pay What You Want
Publisher: Neoplastic Press
by Ryan S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/14/2015 04:16:47

I highly doubt the other reviewer, Oliver, gave this a fair examination.

This is simply a bad cut & paste job of previous editions of the rules. Same artwork, same everything, with a couple rules changed, and huge, game ruining formatting errors.

Creatures do bonus damage to character classes that don't exist in the rules. Character classes get bonuses against creatures that don't exist in the rules. Creatures are described as being spawned by spells that don't exist in the rules. Erelim angels have access to special spells called Benisons. What's a Benison? Who knows, they aren't referenced any other time in this book. Several creature entries are simply cut off because the person doing the copy-paste from the previous edition of the rules didn't realize the text went on to the next page. The general write ups for 'what is an angel' is literally just a copy paste of the 'what is a demon' section, with the word 'angel' stuck in there using a wordpad find and replace by the looks of it- and who ever did the finding and replacing didn't even bother to replace any other words, so you'll read about angels spending Wrath to do things, even though that isn't a stat they have. Problems like that abound.

This is a shoddy product by somebody who was in a hurry. That said, it is a shoddy edition of one of the best indy RPGs out there, so there is still plenty of awesome material here. Unfortunately, if you are already a Books of Pandemonium GM, there is nothing in this book that you don't already have, and if you are new to the setting, the above problems will make aspects of the game practically incomprehensible- Crusaders are immune to the spells of Archons. What's an Archon? Who knows, they are never referenced again. That's one of the two abilities that defines 'Crusader'.

Imagine the normal chaos and confusion of trying to learn a new rules system, without the confidence of trusting the author to actually explain the reference in a coherent way. See a mention of a rule you don't recall? Maybe it's somewhere in the book, or maybe it's a reference to something from a previous addition that they forgot to cut out. Good luck skimming the book for something that may or may not be there in the middle of a session!

As a fan of the Books of Pandemonium from which this product was squeezed, there is no way, no way, this deserves five stars to be highly regarded.

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