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BattleTech: Adventures: Empires Aflame Pay What You Want
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Bruce F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/14/2015 00:04:16

I have been playing Battletech since it was first released. I have also been a huge proponent of the RPG for the BT Universe as the richness of the universe truly needs to be explored on every level.

However, for those that may love the universe but not want to mess with canon this product is definitely for you.

This takes the universe asks one "What If?" question then answers it. The answer is exciting and inspiring. Any fan of the Universe will enjoy reading this just for that answer even if you never actively use it. I am certain though that any reader will desire to explore this alternative universe. It's a complete sandbox that is unrestricted and you can take it any direction you want from a small campaign to truly epic.

Upon completing my reading of it I was already planning three A Time of War Campaigns to use this setting as it inspired me in ways that have not happened in a long time. Do not get me wrong I love the canon universe but I have been role-playing in it for about two decades now either as a player or a GM and we prefer to follow canon but at a certain point this has become problematic. This product completely removes that issue and allows us to still play in a sandbox that is Battletech for a very nice change of pace!

Others may like it because there are no Clans. Some may like it because certain 'Mechs still exist and were not destroyed because the Jihad did not occur.

It would certainly be interesting to see more supplements for this product but I like the idea of leaving it as a stand-alone as well for the freedom it gives. Even if you prefer to stay in the canon Universe this product is bound to stimulate ideas for your campaigns regardless of whether you play the tabletop board game, the RPG or the Alpha Strike version of the game.

It truly is worth your time to check it out.

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BattleTech: Adventures: Empires Aflame
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