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D6xD6 RPG Core Book $4.99
Publisher: Popcorn Press
by George C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/08/2015 21:56:18

Ok, so I backed this on Kickstarter and I have played it. I'm giving it a middling score and would edge that closer to the good side. I like the concept of a stripped down, easy to learn and easy to use game system. My intention being to hand this off to an 11 year old boy to have his own special RPG he could learn on.
With that in mind, here's my review.

I found the overall idea of a central theme (Focus) to be a fun idea. And it works for the most part. I just found myself having to go back and re-read and re-read through the materials to pick up the actual "rules" of the game. I felt like I was gleaning a rule here and there. To that end I think a general rewrite to clean up the presentation of the material would really help.

The game itself reminded me somewhat of Megatraveller where two skill of your choice would be applied to make the basis of your dice checks. In this case D6xD6 presents the idea of an Occupation which allows you to dramatically speed up the character generation and really become whatever you want it to be and encompass. Coupled with focuses these become the basis of your dice checks. One persons Wizard may be able to do many kinds of magic by virtue of his occupation, while someone else's wizard may be "focused" on elemental magic and not competent with other types. Seems to me to be your choice.

To me this game is ripe for house rules. It is definitely not fully realized in terms of a catalog of monster, weapons, equipment, economy, etc which is to be expected since the game itself allows you to play any genre you want. In my opinion it relies on you as a GM to spend a fair bit of effort creating your enemies, equipment, and such if you're going to run a bit of a classic fantasy hack-n-slash. This is not a bad thing, just something to prepare for. Again the system is flexible enough to let you play on the fly but spending the time to develop your menagerie first. Conversely I think it would probably shine in terms of just role playing through a story.

Combat a little different and reminded me more of some of the modern video games. No hit points here. Just a scale that you go from Good to Bad to Worse. Different actions can push this up or down. It's a scale of effect. A powerful gun scales up the damage, a set of armor scales down the damage and if you end up taking a hit then you go from Good to Hurt to Really hurt, to :P

Visually the look feels very much like someone with photo shop decided to do most the art work. Not terrible but didn't exactly feel like it fit to me. I think the book would have been better served to find a local artist to do some simple pen drawings. Even to this day I still remember those simple Willingham and Elmore drawings in the basic D&D book that were simple but let your imagination fill in the gaps.

My overall impression is this game concept is good and definitely worth the money. You can easily modify it with house rules to make a game that really fits your style and you can play literally anything (just like Champions). In my opinion it wants a clearer terminology (dice rolls and dice totals), a cleaner presentation of the material, and some full blown examples of game play would be really nice.

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D6xD6 RPG Core Book
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