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Mutants & Marvels 2.0 $6.99
Publisher: Tom Doolan
by Brian R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/07/2015 21:04:13

I have always been a fan of the old MSHRPG roleplaying game. And still to this day, is perhaps one of my favorites. Now, Tom Doolan has come along to introduce to us, his variation, using the d20 rules. Which is something I have wanted to do for a while myself. This game comes in at only 45 pages.

(1) Character creation is simple, and based on "Ranks" instead of Dice. Applying those ranks between your Abilities and Powers. This game takes as much care to keep it looking very much like MSHRPG as much as possible. (2) The use of "Talents or Skills" is primarly what you might expect from MSHRPG, but only a few skills are listed that bare importance to being a super hero. And Skill resolution, is kept fast and loose so you can enjoy the action. (3) Damage in Mutants & Marvels , uses a Damage Tracker instead of a pool of points. And a damage save, to see if you do take damage. (4) Perhaps one of the best "gems" of the system, is the amount of options for using Experience to enhanced your character. There are at least 3 different systems, so each person can use what they prefer. Plus it comes with a lightly detailed campaign setting, and a starting adventure to help get things started. (5) Now the powers list is very small, not as expanded as I would wish. But it does handle the most important, and I think many can just make up their own powers quite easily. Since it keeps the old MSHRPG feel. (6) Still no Charisma ability. But, the changes made to Popularity are a much needed change I think.

The cover is not too bad, the product's print is clean and large so your not squinting or having to enlarge the pages to read them. Everything is kept concise and short, and assumes you already know a bit about the RPG games, such as MSHRPG, and D&D.. But i think a new comer, could wrap his head around these concepts with a few reads. Cause lets face it, even I prefer simple over complex. There's Not a lot of Art in the book. Ranks only go up to Unearthly, but it would probably be easy to expand this if GM's wanted to.

The best part, is it lives up to his statement. Taking an old game I love, and making it d20 compatible without being complex. So Thank you Tom Doolan, for coming along, and giving us this fine product. . This was the best $5 dollars I ever spent for a game. And this is sure to give me plenty of enjoyable hours to come!

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Mutants & Marvels 2.0
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