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d6 Magazine Issue 2 Payez ce que vous voulez
Publisher: Wicked North Games
par Michael H. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 01/07/2015 00:22:28

The second installment of the D6 Magazine continues to impress with its community submitted content. Not going to live up to the quality of a Dragon or a White Wolf, of course, but then free is a pretty good price.

I have a feeling that even when things seem all quiet, D6 is going to always be one of those systems that is going to be quietly simmering in the background while it is not flaring brightly out on the scene.

My favorite bit is in the second article. I cannot decide between the oversensitive torch or the razor. I can think of comedy routines lasting hours or days at any one of my game tables over those.

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d6 Magazine Issue 2
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