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Cold & Dark
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Publisher: Modiphius
by Nathanael C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/05/2015 21:41:01

UPDATED Short and Simple Review: 5 Stars!

  • Thematically evocative of my favorite video game series ever (Dead Space), so that's a big plus. And it really hits that nail on the head, quite solidly.
  • Mechanics are straight and to the point, and that's always great.
  • No option for a PoD version is very, very saddening.
  • The creator fixed some technical concerns I posted prior - the newly-optimized file (with bookmarks!) is now MUCH easier to use on my tablet. Yay!

It was an interesting read, and the setting is quite vast and detailed. This is pretty much perfect for my "Dead Space by another name" tabletop gaming! Now my only lingering complaint, and it's a minor one: put that sweet, sweet cover image on the front of the document, not the end! =)

PRIOR Complaints, addressed!:

  • The PDF is not bookmarked! At 300+ pages, that makes it a massive chore to actually use, and that means I'll never run this. Instant one-star removal. Add some useful bookmarks and that will go up immediately.
  • File needs some serious size optimization, maybe a trimmed-down print version. It's simply gargantuan in dimensions, which makes tablet viewing a slow hassle.

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Cold & Dark
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