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Dead Light
Publisher: Chaosium
by Dan C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2014 20:37:03

I found that this scenario served as a great introduction to the new edition of the COC rules. I ran it with the free quickstart rules for five friends who had never played an RPG.

The scenario provides numerous opportunities for roleplaying and allows the keeper to present the mechanics at whatever pace best suits his players; this was very helpful in my case as a steep learning curve might have turned off my players.

My players liked the plot, but I believe it was the atmosphere that really hooked them.

I was surprised by the quality of the writing and the editing. I have read perhaps a dozen or so collections published by Chaosium--and many more third-party products--which I'd describe as "easy reads". Here is an excerpt from "Dead Light":

"Looking out into the storm between the flashes of lightning, a farmer’s truck has just swerved to avoid hitting the gas pumps. The farmer babbling incoherently about a 'Dead Light' he saw on the road and who is now passed out at one of the tables, sweating feverishly with Sam, the station’s owner, and Walter the pump jockey fussing helplessly over him."

This is not an easy read. And a staggering amount of the text in "Dead Light" uses this sort of sentence structure. I found it very distracting. It made referring back to the text difficult during prep and gameplay.

If you can get past the writing style then the scenario itself serves as a nice, quick introduction to the new edition of COC or to horror roleplaying in general. My group loved it. If you simply enjoy reading RPG material and doubt you'll actually have the chance to run it, I would not recommend this product.

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Dead Light
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