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Undead Army: Skeleton Centaur Cavalry Regiment $3.95
Publisher: Mayhem in Paper
by Mike G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/21/2014 13:10:54

For full disclosure - I received my copy of this as a Christmas present from the artist/publisher who also hosts the excellent Cardboard Warriors forum.

An excellent addition to the One Monk range of cardboard miniatures. Consists of 15 skeletal centaurs in total - with four bowmen, four with spears, four with swords and a three-man-horse command group as well as a selection of (suitably decayed) banners to choose from.

The style is in keeping with the rest of the OM range - not overtly cartoonish in my opinion. Consistent with the existing range to allow you to expand your undead paper army despite One Monk having been under new management for the last couple of years.

I admit to being a huge fan of the One Monk range - unlike A-frame or tri-fold standees, these are genuine paper miniatures with a back and front that you cut out so as to provide a two-dimensonal alternative to metal or resin minis. Cutting them out can be fiddly (unless you have an automated robo-cutter) but at least you don't have to paint them. You can make your own bases out of cardboard (there are plenty of templates to choose from for free on the One Monk site) or buy a variety of plastic stands from various games supplly companies.

These are 30mm "scale" - comparable with most 'heroic scale' miniatures from the likes of GW, Reaper etc.

Would highly recommend all of the range. Between what is available here and the free stuff available to download from their site, One Monk can help you populate your entire dungeon/adventure path etc.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for the review.
Be sure to check your library for the updated version as I have just added a bonus page of four-armed mutant skeleton centaurs. :)
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Undead Army: Skeleton Centaur Cavalry Regiment
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