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47 Ancient Scrolls, Maps, and Handouts to Spice up Your Game Night Pay What You Want
Publisher: Blackstone Entertainment, Inc
by Nathan T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2014 04:36:01

This would be an absolutely superb product at twice the price, except for one major drawback: every handout 'page' image is actually printed inside a border on the actual PDF page, with a PDF page background behind it. This may have been done in an attempt to improve visual appeal inside the product, but it actually significantly impacts the end-use of the images. It means that each image is actually smaller than the PDF page (in some cases by quite a lot), and will have to be cut out before it can be used. To make matters worse, the orientation of several of the images is wrong - wide images have been placed on pages in landscape orientation, meaning the images are actually only half the PDF page or less instead of being rotated to fill the page.

The quality of the images are superb, with an excellent variety and great detail in the background art, and the sheer number of images are amazing for the price. If it hadn't been so badly let down in the layout stage, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend purchasing it, even at a higher price. As-is, caveat emptor: any GM will have to be willing to put in some extra work to be able to use this product, and I suspect the print-quality of some of the mis-oriented images will be lower than preferable after they've been resized to properly use a page.

Pros: Brilliant artwork, great price, excellent variety & sheer number of images Cons: Bad formatting and layout

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Creator Reply:
Thank you, Nathan T for your honest and well-written critique. We have updated our product, incorporating many of your suggestions and improving upon the original to better serve our customers. Thank you for your revised comment in the Discussions section as well, and we\'re glad you enjoyed this product!
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47 Ancient Scrolls, Maps, and Handouts to Spice up Your Game Night
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