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Colonial Gothic: The Grimoire
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Publisher: Rogue Games, Inc
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/02/2014 14:39:03

This is an expanded and updated version of the older Colonial Gothic: Witchcraft book and the Colonial Gothic: Secrets book. Both of which are out of print. It also has plenty of new material as well. Chapter 1 covers new spells, Common and Arcane. The advantage of adding new spells to this game is one can easily say that the knowledge was just rediscovered. Some new book sent from overseas, an old book in the collection of a wealthy man or any other contrivance. There are quite a few new spells here to be honest. Chapter 2 follows with a discussion on spell books. Their uses and how to get them. A few sample books are also included. Chapter 3 introduces magical talismans to the game. Sort of Spell storing or keeping magical power. Not a lot here, but plenty of ideas. Chapter 4 covers the related chapter of relics, items that have magical ability to them due to divine providence or some other happenstance.
Chapter 5 is dedicated to Witchcraft. Like the book it replaces, there are no rules for playing "good" witches. Fitting with the times all witches are assumed to be evil. Personally I would like to see a good witch, but I can make due. Likewise Chapter 6 deals with occult items such as cold iron and holy water. Finally Chapter 7 deals with new magical creatures. There is quite a Lovecraftian feel to this one. Not generic "Lovecraft" but actual monsters from his mythos. There is an appendix with the Create Talisman and Witchcraft skills. There is also a combined magical index of spells between this book and the Colonial Gothic core.

A must have if you are using a lot of magic in your games.

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Colonial Gothic: The Grimoire
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