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Publisher: Troll Lord Games
by Tim L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/16/2014 07:03:41

By James M. Ward and Anne K. Brown, The Storyteller's Thesaurus is more a group of words for storytellers needing a trigger, an idea, a different way of describing things (eminating magic instead of firing spells). For example, under Facial Features you get everything from cheeks (apple-cheeks) to dental work (partial plate).

A chapter on characters (this a fantasy work so Race and Species are considered equal footing), architecture & property, and a huge alphabetical index.

Will you ever need to describe a different dwarf race with apple cheeks but a character with a partial plate as a description? Maybe so. You now have a quirky (I believe James M. Ward did the original beloved Gamma World) theme/thausari grouping that gives you a basis to not only explore further but provides words you probably never thought of.

Recommended with Instant GM and especially The GMs Real-World Reference for really weird cross-links.

I hope one day this will be offered in print-on-demand format.

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Storyteller's Thesaurus
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