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Future Armada: Drake $5.95
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by Roger W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/01/2014 16:25:36

The Drake featured in a "Coast Guard" style campaign, in which a party of characters worked to keep the trade-lanes safe from pirates and obstacles, while providing safety training, repairs, navigational aids, and law enforcement along a route through interstellar space. They stopped at deserted waystations where they were slobbered by over-affectionate dogs, checked in on asteroid miners who'd broken their long-range radio, rescued ships falling into gas giants and just happened upon first contact with a group of alien parasites ala the worm things from the old Verge product from TSR (teln).

The reason the Drake was a perfect fit for this gritty, realistic style campaign is that it doesn't feel like heroism if death isn't stalking every chance you take to save someone's life. And the Drake is big enough that 'that guy who was on the bridge yesterday' can become your next character if this one dies heroically. It's a different sort of campaign, and a bigger ship serves as a backdrop for interactions with NPC support characters and shipboard adventures. The map has dozens of places for interaction and plenty of room for a shipboard shuttle, a hovertank, etc.

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Future Armada: Drake
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