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Legend of the Five Rings: Legacy of Disaster $0.00
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Dennis L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/01/2014 15:56:20

A Free RPG Day product from a couple of years ago, its a shame that AEG hasn't considered writing more of these. The adventure is a great, quick introduction not just to the system for L5R (which is faithfully represented) but also to the world and the setting. Understandably (word counts?) the adventure doesn't explain certain finer points of detail (why suicide would be better than imprisonment; why the PCs have to endure insults and baseless allegations), so anyone running the adventure should be prepared to answer those questions if they come up, especially since there are no Courtier pre-generated characters. Otherwise, a good adventure when you're looking for something to do other than you're regular.

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Legend of the Five Rings: Legacy of Disaster
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