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Wordplay RPG Core Edition $7.87 $7.63
Publisher: Wordplay Games
by Judd G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/23/2014 20:58:07

This is one of the those generic systems that just gets the play flow right. Characters are built using player-worded traits with a number of dice assigned to them.

Conflicts and test are resolved by building a "hand" of D6s and rolling them to determine success via simple and quick mechanic. Goals and Nudges provide some extra mechanics to allow for more more tactical resolution, as well as dials for the grit vs cinematic feel of a particular game.

There is a section of developing settings, including samples of various genre themes and it would not be hard at all to duplicate or pay homage to your favorite genes, shows, etc.

I recommend this title heartily.

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Wordplay RPG Core Edition
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