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Starmada Nova Rulebook $16.95 $11.30
Publisher: Majestic Twelve Games
by Hamilton R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/31/2014 05:53:21

Layout -- POOR. Boring layout, limited art that is pristine but not interesting or inspiring. There are not many pictures depicting space battles, neither inside the ship nor outside in space! The cover of the book is EXCELLENT, whoever designed the cover showed that s/he actually gave a d++n about what s/he was doing. It needs more art, and more-interesting art, something that will inspire me to play this game.

Text -- GOOD. Excellent for a tech manual, but not inspiring. The text does an excellent job for what it is supposed to do, but nothing more.

Game Play -- POOR. Mechanics are good, but there are absolutely no diagrams for spaceship design! It's all text and numbers, there are no layouts that might inspire what ships look like.

I don't know of any other games like this; this was my first purchase for miniatures spaceship battle. I am sorely disappointed: the cover sold me on the game, but I should have suspected something was not entirely right when I found there is no sample to review the PDF before paying 11.30 for this. I feel somewhat robbed; I hope I can salvage this space game (no pun intended).

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Starmada Nova Rulebook
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