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Shadowrun: Street Grimoire $39.99 $24.99
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Howard J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/27/2014 12:00:30

This product felt like a rough draft. There aren't as many spelling and grammar mistakes as you might think reading the other reviews, but they are still there. Many of the rules are unclear and could really have used some clarifying examples. There's also a distinct lack of an index or combined tables, which is a particular annoyance in the "Secrets of the Initiates" chapter. Here they give a number of magical arts where the first time a metamagic ability is mentioned it is described, but later arts that share the same metamagic ability don't have a page reference back to the original description. Even in the PDF where you have the ability to do a text search this is pointless annoyance, and probably a great deal worse if you have a print copy. Especially bad are the rules for adepts. Most of the text seems to have been composed using the adept power list from the fourth edition Street Magic supplement, meaning that there are frequent mentions of powers from that source book that didn't make it into this book or the SR5 core rules. Not so bad when it's basically just flavor text (Buddhist Adepts like to use the missing Living Focus power) but not as forgivable when you have a metamagic ability that has a missing power as a prerequisite. Then there what would be minor gripes individually but add up to a just bad experience put together: occasional subheadings listed at the same size and color as their parent headings, alphabetized lists with just one or two items out of order, multiple fonts that are hard to read at zoom levels where other PDFs are usually fine, listing powers for discount in the adept qualities that are too cheap to actually qualify for a discount and so on. And even if you find a new character option that seems to be free of glaring mistakes a lot of the time they just don't seem to be worth the listed time and karma cost.

On the plus side, the art is good and the fiction was fine if that's your thing for a source book. On the other hand it wasn't so good that I wouldn't have sacrificed a few or even all of those pages for an index, more examples and some combined tables.

Definitely not worth the current $24.99 PDF price.

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Shadowrun: Street Grimoire
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