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Inverse World - A Dungeon World Supplement $15.00
Publisher: Liberi Gothica Games
by Jacob E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/24/2014 22:01:50

If Inverse World's goal was to create a world that could capitalize on Dungeon World's strength, then it succeeds with flying colours. If Inverse World's goal was to make me giggle with excitement and my mind bubble with idea, then damn, did they ever get that right.

I really like Dungeon World. The elegance and simplicity of the system really hammers home what roleplaying is all about, and I think it works well as a catch-all D&D system. At it's core, Inverse World is basically the same game, but replace "Appendix N" with more modern fantasy fiction; Last Airbender, The Legend of Zelda, Bastion, etc. While none of the ideas in Invells is particularly new or exciting, the combination of the elements makes the setting distinctive and eye catching. It really feels like you're stepping into some new world that isn't just D&D fantasy again.

The class playbooks are just... fantastic. Far removed from Dungeon World's roots, the don't feel like the familiar fantasy archetypes like the Fighter or the Wizard are, but they are archetypes. They drip with flavour. The playbooks tip the game into familiar, but not common territory. Mechanics or Golems aren't something never seen in fantasy, but it clearly isn't classic D&D tropes. This is what really sells the world of Invells, I think. It's not yet another world of Fighters and Wizards, Dragons and Mind-Flayers. It's a world where your Merfolk person likes to walk on walls, or your winged-human keeps a pile of junk that is some how useful, or your metallic goblinfolk battles with the scars of his destroyed life.

Overall, the content is good. The writing is clear and easy to understand. The mechanics are familiar if you've played Dungeon World (while adding a few tricks here and there), and it's all easy to plug-and-play with any other DW derived games. I've heard some complaints about the amount of content for the price. It's a little thin compared to Dungeon World, which is cheaper, but I think the price isn't that much to ask when it has at least as much content as a $40 release from a big publisher.

The art is all top-notch, beating out a lot of other books with it's execution (especially Dungeon World itself). I think the biggest point to made here is the types of people you see. They are very varied, and not just because some are fish people. You give people of different colours, but also ages, sizes, shapes, and some that look like fish. It's not just enough for a game to say you can be whatever you want to, a game has to follow through to get that kind of inclusiveness. Inverse World succeeds.

This is a must buy if you love modern, quirky fantasy, great art, inclusive RPGs, or just plain like Dungeon World. Serious. Buy it. Right now. (do it).

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Inverse World - A Dungeon World Supplement
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