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SUPERS Revised Edition $10.00
Publisher: HAZARD Studio
by Scott P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2014 15:10:12

This game provides an excellent mix of detail and easy play. Based off of the old West End Games Star Wars D6 system, it offers some nifty innovations for super-heoric play and scales pretty well from street level heroes all the way up to cosmic threats.

Clean layout and loads of options make chargen a breeze and a pleasure. You can pretty much build exactly the hero or villain you want. Rules mechanisms exist to allow Batman/Superman types to exist in the same session without the mega-powerful character totally outshining his non-powered teammates.

GM's can tailor the game's lethality to their liking, and plenty of other optional rules exist to allow groups to create the sort of comic feel that's right for them.

We've made dozens of Marvel characters using these rules and been very please with the outcomes.

The game also contains a nifty index that makes the rules miniature or counter friendly--a great asset to folks who want to resolve combats on the grid! If you're looking for a supers game with mid-level crunch and excellent presentation, SUPERS! Rev. Ed. should make the top of your list!


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SUPERS Revised Edition
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