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D6 Space $2.99
Publisher: Nocturnal Media
by Steve M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/08/2014 11:01:51

Full Disclosure:

I am a publisher here on the DriveThru sites (NUELOW Games), I was a contributor to several WEG D6 products Back In The Day, and I've produced a couple since the system went OGL--so technically this is a violation of this site's TOS.

However, I think the D6 System still stands as one of the very best ever designed, and this book shows it off at its finest. I am posting this not as a professional but as a dedicated fan of this game system.

There's perhaps no better endorsement I can give other than that I am currently running a campaign using these rules--and it's been running more or less weekly since 1996.

If you don't know D6, you should. This free e-book is a steal!

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D6 Space
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