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Drip by Bloody Drip $4.14
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/07/2014 10:23:53

This is a taut, exciting and detailed adventure in the cyberpunk genre, running under the Savage Worlds ruleset. It involves the characters infiltrating a disused military facility - only to find that automated security systems are still very much active and that other parties, with far more malevolent motives, are also sneaking around in there.

In providing a background and overview of the adventure, suggestions are made as to how to get the party not just to take the job but to have an emotional attachment to events. This is easier if you wish to run this adventure as part of a campaign, but it will work just as well as a stand-alone game if that suits your needs.

The adventure opens with the party being contacted and hired for a mission of mercy - to access some medical research on an isolated computer in this abandoned military base. Sounds easy, these things always do... before you get onsite and find out that half the place is submerged and the defences are still online! The opening scene is run as a job interview, using the Savage Worlds Social Conflict rules to good effect, yet in such a way that it is role-playing rather than die rolling that gets the party hired. The real benefits are in the additional support that will be offered should they do well mechanically as well as with the interview itself.

Once hired, the base will need to be reconnoitered and then entered. There's plenty of material to enable you to deal with any eventuality as the party proceeds with its investigations and infiltration. NPCs are provided with full stat blocks and other details in an appendix, whilst support for running each incident and encounter is provided where it is needed within the text. The one glaring absence is any plan of the facility to be infiltrated, and it is recommended that you invent or find a suitable one before running this adventure.

Overall the adventure is exciting with plenty more going on than meets the eye at the initial briefing. Given some suitable pre-generated characters, it could be used as a one-off/convention game too, whilst it has great potential for its intended use as part of a campaign.

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Drip by Bloody Drip
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