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Counter Collection 4th Edition Heroic 1 $35.00 $12.50
Publisher: Fiery Dragon
by Charles A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/29/2014 06:53:27

The images are clear and easy to see. I even like the "high school art class" look of them. What I don't like is that this PDF is locked so if you wish to work with the images in Photoshop et al then your SOL. Also, there is a small and completely unnecessary circle in the bottom corner of the images assumable to write in numbers since you can't edit the stupid image. If this had been done properly with layers in the PDF then the circles could be turned off and the images viewed without the marring. For what you get, the price on this product is outlandish. I unfortunately, cannot recommend this product to people unless you just want to print the images exactly as they are and then hand write in the numbers. This means wasting huge amounts of paper and ink since it is almost certain that there will not be the quantity of the particular token you desire on one page.

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Counter Collection 4th Edition Heroic 1
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