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Fat Cat Far Trader $6.00
Publisher: DB Game Design
by Michael S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/26/2014 04:06:34

Hmm, I like this ship! A few minor concerns include lack of a separate common room for the crew, especially with such cramped quarters. A bit hard to spend the trip belowdecks without some place to chill. Of course, with a smaller crew parts of the crew state room can easily be transformed to a dining/sitting area, and a table could easily fit in the forward cargo hold, so it's a minor issue.

The placement of the two airlocks seem a bit awkward. Looks tricky to dock with another ship or a station.

On the other hand the upper and lower exits look terrific! Especially nice touch with the deployable staircase on the underside! Much grander entry to the ship than a steep ladder or cargo ramp!

The use of stairs for movement between decks is interresting, especially for a passenger ship. Sure, they steal a lot of space, but the alternative is to force your high passage customers to climb ladders... I like it!

Large cargo hold, with huge doors for bulky stuff, good. The upper hatch is a nice detail, especially when submerged in water.

The Fat Cat is equipped with landing wheels - An interesting choice, gives the ship character.

I like the stair that leads to the top of the ship. Good for leaving the ship while floating, and especially good to create a feeling of extra luxury (the top of the ship is flat, so there's a large private outdoor area when planetside) - In fact this ship could work pretty good as a luxury yacht.

The images and deck plans are very well made. The 3d renderings are very nicely done, the extra level of detail on the plans as well as the cutaway side view wonderful! Really helps to visualize and feel the ship.

Overall, lots of little detail that adds up and creates a likable, sensible ship. I was a bit hesitant to spend so much money on the book at first, but I'm glad I did!

EDIT: Since I wrote this review, the price of the product has been adjusted. Given the new, lower, cost, I don't see any reason not to buy this book.

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Fat Cat Far Trader
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