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Hunter: The Reckoning
Publisher: White Wolf
by Jason H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/27/2014 04:24:36

Hunter: the Reckoning is the ideal system to introduce any gamer or wannabe gamer to White Wolf's deep and diverse World of Darkness setting*. The reason for this is within the setting, Hunter characters are seemingly chosen at random by an unseen force and they know nothing about the forces and creatures that have been shaping their world since time immemorial. The focus with Hunter is for players to create "ordinary people" as characters; whether they be an accountant or a rookie police officer. This set up means that players with no knowledge of the setting or the powers/limitations of it's various denizens are at an advantage of sorts.

Now for the pdf itself: The pdf copy is a brilliant white, well scanned copy making it very easy to read. One of the very nice features of this book is any page references made in the book, except the Index, are hyperlinked allowing for very easy navigation of the book. This is particularly useful because the Bookamarks in the pdf are limited just simple chapter/section headings. The simplicity of the bookmarks is the only thing preventing me from giving this a top mark, though anyone with Adobe Acrobat Pro can add these features themselves, which I intend to do since it's the WoD system I run the most often.

*(WoD books published pre 2004 or most reprints by Onyx Path)

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Hunter: The Reckoning
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