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Eclipse Phase: Continuity $4.99
Publisher: Posthuman Studios LLC
by Teos A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/23/2014 17:29:15

I first played Continuity at Gen Con as a scheduled convention game run by a volunteer game. It was easily the highlight of that year's Gen Con. I've since then also run the adventure. As with so many of the Posthuman adventures, this delivers a really cool sci-fi premise. We start with the PCs being restored from backup... but what happened? Why is the space station/ship in such bad shape? It gets really spine-tingling and Aliens-like as PCs search for clues... and then they find out where their previous versions went. Spoiler... the previous versions are coming back, and they are changed! The material is really good, while being simple. There is just the right amount for GMs to just run-as-is, but the material is so cool that the GM will want to build upon it and add cool touches to what takes place. Players get to make really cool decisions and can handle the threat in different ways. The adventure can be challenging - one run ended in a TPK, but it was an awesomely fun TPK and everyone wanted to play more Eclipse Phase after it. I highly recommend this scenario as an introduction for new GMs and players, for running at conventions, and as a 'backstory' or flashback for a campaign. Like the excellent "Ego Hunter", the sci-fi concepts are super-fun and made tangible for both players and GM.

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Eclipse Phase: Continuity
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