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Shadow Hunters #1 $5.50 $3.00
Publisher: Scattered Comics
by Flames R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/08/2014 20:26:17

The story in this issue is fun and action-packed, from its jokes to its great pacing. There was not a single moment where I was not happy to be reading this book. There were a few moments where I did find the dialogue to be a little off, but it did not take away from the overall joy of reading this issue. The artwork is BOO-btastic!

Haha, I just made myself laugh.

No in all seriousness this issue does feature some top-heavy women, who look great in most panels. At times the angles seem to not be their friends, but it does not distract from the overall look of the issue. Great colors and a great use of effects add depth to the scenes that you don’t find in most comics. I also can’t forget to talk about the awesome design on the monsters. Overall I liked and I want some more of it right now.

I think that Shadow Hunters #1 is a great first issue in what seems to be a fun action title.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Shadow Hunters #1
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