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Village Backdrop: Thornhill $2.45
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Brian B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/28/2014 23:24:13

After putting together a swamp adventure I needed a nearby village to bring it all together. It was tempting to just plonk down the generic village but it would be so much better to have a village that had an affinity with swamp life. Because of that I decided to try out Raging Swan’s village backdrop, “Thornhill” - swamp township.

It is set out in a way that seems to be standard for all of their village backdrop publications. It contains information on the town, its surroundings, notable locations and notable folk including stat blocks on key people. It also contains a good sketch of the town showing all notable locations.

The information contained I would call “all meat and zero fluff”. Everything mentioned is aimed at giving the Game Master information they can use in the game. Every description you read is believable and full of quirky ideas that inspire you to expand on, such as the kleptomaniac owner of the inn with a hacking cough.

Standout information for me was the marketplace, a range of rumors you could choose from and the list of events that could happen while the PCs were in town.

I only have one small negative thing to say which is that the description of the locations includes detail about the people associated with the location. So when a PC was interacting with one of the notable folk I had to look at the notable folk section and the notable location section to get the full feeling for the person. I ended up writing out the notable folk descriptions myself to have a full description I could glance at during the game. I included their main locations to that as well so I could cross reference that with the location. For example when the PCs walked into the tavern I had a good idea who the regulars were.

In summary this is well worth the money and turns an average stay in generic town that would soon be forgotten into an exciting stay in a memorable town. All information contained is imaginative, relevant and full of hooks and ideas to expand on. Well done!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks very much for the review, Brian. I\'m delighted you found Village Backdrop: Thornhill to your liking!
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Village Backdrop: Thornhill
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