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Forgive Us
Publisher: Lamentations of the Flame Princess
by Ben F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/16/2014 16:44:21

I played this in the original playtest run by the author, Kelvin. Thus personal bias may creep into this brief review of the main game (I have not played the mini-games yet).

The main game is a fun murder-mystery story riffing off The Thing as a previous reviewer rightly said. See their review for details on the plot etc etc. All spot on. Although it was nearly 2 years since we played it - it was an interesting adventure with a variety of ways in which it could be solved.

It is lovely having the book. It is a high production OSR/ early WFRP feel / look product - one that would have set well in the days of Hogshead/ Green Ronin's publication schedule for example.

Kelvin has done an excellent job of creating a total art piece - the maps, graphics, art and text all sit well together and complement each other. The A5 format works very well too with the adventure - something that one could easily put into your cargo trousers/ coat pocket. Fading Suns - whilst looking totally different - was another game which comes to mind which had the same art/text synergy. Handy when the writer can draw and does the art. Too often art in rpg products is poor unless it is done by a major company.

Great example of how to create an rpg product. And a bargain at that!

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Forgive Us
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