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Shadow World: Emer III $18.00
Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises
by Thomas S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/12/2014 04:37:47

Everyone who is familiar with Terry Amthor's work knows that his books are high standard. Emer III is no exception. It's all there: a rich history, detailled descripions of cultures, cool locations, maps, layouts, adventures etc. But what really sets Terry Amthor's books apart is the fact that they are so much fun to read. They don't read like a dry sourcebook at all. The texts are so full of details, history and background, you just can't put it away until you've read it all through. All in all, the setting of Emer III is quite exotic and even a bit unusual for RPG adventures. This is not your usual run of the mill fantasy sourcebook. The exciting jungles and rainforests described here made me want to stop my currently running campaign and start an explorer-type campaign right away.

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Shadow World: Emer III
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