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Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul $14.95
Publisher: Spectrum Games
by William W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/03/2014 14:42:41

I haven't been as impressed with a roleplaying game as I was with Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul (hereafter referred to as CCaVF) in a very long time. It's a really open-ended, flexible, system that is simple, easy to learn, and easier to play. There have been several rules-light Supers games in recent years like Icons, BASH, Supers!, and Truth & Justice. CCaVF beats all of those games for me.

Character Creation is largely based around defining your own character with TRAITS which work in a very similar manner to Qualities in Truth & Justice or a bit like aspects in FATE and can range from "As Strong As 100 Men" to "Crown Prince of the Planet Trobb" or anything you can imagine. While CCaVF does rate character traits by number, it seeks to emulate comics narrative style rather than simulate it. If you're the sort of player who likes crunch like in Hero System/Champions, CCaVF is probably not for you. However, if you're open to a more abstract system able to recreate the types of narratives seen in comic books without a lot of crunch or the fiddly bits then you can hardly do better than CCaVF.

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Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul
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