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Cypher Collection 1 $2.39 $1.79
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
by Edward K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/21/2014 18:00:52

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Product: Cypher Collection 1 Producer: Monte Cook Games Price: ~$3 System: Numenera TL;DR- Want some more cyphers? Here you go! 95%

Basics: Need some more one time use, random items from all across the previous eight worlds? This book is cholk full of them!

Theme: For a book of items, I didn't expect many. However, I was wrong. Monte Cook Games likes to put random little side things in the margins. That is amazing as it adds depth to each of the items they talk about. The items do get some nice descriptions even if they don't get text in the margins. 5/5

Mechanics: This book should almost solely be dedicated to mechanics since it's an item book. However, that would merely make the book passable. This book goes a step ahead and gives you a random item generator early in the book. That right there is why the book gets a 5. 5/5

Art: This book kind of suffers from the same art problem as all the other Numenera books. The art isn't bad, but it's reused a lot for a short book. Also some of the art is this book looks a bit out of place as some looks almost like clip art. Nothing bad and it does give some world building via pictures, but it's not my favorite. 4/5

Execution: In terms of text and layout, this is another well done book. It reads quick. It's entertaining, and it doesn't hurt my head to look over it. The 1st page is the random item generator because that the page I'm going to use the most from this book. And that right there shows that this was made by gamers for gamers. Heck, for 50 items for $3, I won't even complain about the price! 5/5

Summary: If you like Numenera, then you need this book. Now, everybody won't need a copy, but if the GM has a copy, then the table will benefit. This is a simple, well done book with lots of new random items, and you need a copy for your Numenera game. 95%

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Cypher Collection 1
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