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Traveller Adventure: Three Blind Mice $0.00
Publisher: 13Mann Verlag
by Everett W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/15/2014 15:52:28

Rendering into PDF format is excellent, and this could easily be printed if desired - a color printer might be needed since there are some color charts which might not render well in B&W.

The adventure itself is mainly suitable as a standalone using the pre-generated characters - the adventure flow is very structured and depends on specific characteristics and history of the characters, and therefore is unsuitable for use in an ongoing campaign. As a standalone using the included characters, it would make a good change-of-pace for a tournament of other convention play-session. This is not a style I, personally, would use, and there are not any interesting locations, gadgets, or plot elements that can be readily transferred to an ongoing campaign.

Overall, appears to be good quality, but not a type of adventure suitable for my play style and gaming groups.

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Traveller Adventure: Three Blind Mice
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