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Shadowrun: Gun H(e)aven 3 $7.95
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by steve q. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2014 15:32:53

This was a big disappointment for me ,but firearms have ever been a sore point in shadowrun, the earlier editions had some really solid stuff but it seem to have lost its way over the years. the design team really need to find someone who knows their stuff, as pics of bolt guns written up as semis just isn't good enough for the money and i believe this could easily be a rich source of depth in the game with out any trouble at all. strange how in the year 2075 their still banging away with cartridge style actions while in 2000 we have caseless and sabot rounds, we haven't come to far in 75 years have we. I wouldn't bother with this book it gives nothing if not less than the core rules ,apparently it was put together in someones lunch break,next time let someone who knows witch end is dangers write the thing.

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Shadowrun: Gun H(e)aven 3
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