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Limitless Horizons $2.50
Publisher: UKG Publishing
by Stirling W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/24/2014 13:43:47

At first I found this product to be very confusing. From its description I had expected a post-singularity science-fiction setting for Fate. Instead it turned out to be a pulp SF add-on to Spirit of the Century, which made extensive reference to that particular set of rules. What's worse, it NEVER actually mentions Spirit of the Century at any point in the text, but refers to "SotC" as if it should be an obvious reference.

However, once I had figured out that it was an add-on product, and resigned myself to it being a different kind of SF setting, the contents were fairly useful. I am a fan of SF pulp stories, and have written some scenarios that I would love to play out in such a universe, and Limitless Horizons would be of some use there, but only some. I found the rules presented to be a bit of a grab-bag of ideas, and not as coherent or as well-explained as I would have liked. For example, the statement that armor causes stress boxes to not 'roll-up' would appear to make armor able to absorb infinite stress and I doubt that is what the author intented that rule to imply.

Frankly, I suspect I find far more useful rule ideas to steal for a pulp SF game in the 'Bulldogs' setting, than in this supplement.

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Limitless Horizons
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